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speedo cable tachdrive shaft / speedo cable #3

normally used normally used

Suzuki GSX600 F / FU / FU2 GN72B

suzuki gsx600 f/fu/fu2 gn72b speedo cable speedo cable articlecondition:usual used von: suzuki year of built: 1988-1997 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- anmerkung: - kilometrage: 58. 478 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- lieferumfang: as on the articlepicture to see ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- at this special offer treats of it self um one/single used part, das the old according to usedalsos atd nutzungsspuren onshows. direkte faults are im special offer extra ongeführt. das deliverede part equitatit to doch not your ermaintenanceen ??? kone/single problem ! ! ! contactieren you us ! ! ! info@used partbude. de still more parts for your bike??? visit you our ebay shop ! ! ! you search one/single bittimmtit spare part for your motorcycle ? da able to we bittimmt some for you make. tel. : 033607/591238 mail: info@used partbude. de we buy also da/one alte ! ! ! ob gitchrottet, defect or easy nur weg. . . mail with picturit atd pricevorstellung at bandte@used partbude. de

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speedo cable tachdrive shaft / speedo cable #3
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