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normally used normally used

Yamaha SR 125 / 10F
cover/surface: incl. ladecoil

incl. ladecoil / titted and ok > additional become pre the shipping all generatorn, so weit possible, still one/singlemal statisch pergemitsen > trotzthe verstand we thite old generatorn rather as spare partbearer, z. b. at crashdamagit, complete missingn or maybe as riterve > one/single directlyiger insert, without according toe Überworkung, can from uns not guaranteed become / when we several similare parts at bearing have or hadn, treats of it self at the photos zwar um the here offered spare part, it is but not absolutely the, what delivered is / further informations or photos wished? but gladly > easy requitt / we have many used parts for japanische motorcyclit at bearing > requitt per mail or telephone become gladly answered

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